The Posing School are proud partners of Angel Competition Bikinis and would love to welcome you to

AC Bikinis Runway Posing Course.

Angel Live Events were created from the best part of this sport: YOU!

There is something magical and life changing when you surround yourself with like minded, goal setting, and confident women (like yourself).

Prepare to learn, grow, be inspired, and feel more confident than ever!

In this free 6-module course, you will learn:

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The Model Walk

A confident model walk is crucial to your Angel Fashion Show stage performance. This video will teach you how to lead your body on stage with confidence, poise, and strength.

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Model Posing

Your posing on the Angel Fashion Show stage is MUCH DIFFERENT from a competition. We are celebrating you! These poses are about showing your confidence AND getting that perfect end of runway photo. Watch this video to learn the tips and tricks to achieve a flawless walk and ensure the photographer can capture the best photos for you. 

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Pivots & Turns

This video will show you how to pivot and turn on stage with confidence. Learning the basic footwork for your pivot is crucial to keep your walk clean. Watch Deb, Karah, and Savana demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of pivoting and turning.

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Expressions & Smiling

One of the most important aspects of runway modeling is the ability to express yourself through your facial expressions.  A winning smile is a runway model's secret weapon. This video will teach you how to achieve the perfect smile that radiates confidence and charm. From practicing your smile in front of the mirror to tips to make your smile appear more natural, we will provide you with all the tools you need to dazzle your facial expressions on the Angel Fashion Show stage. 

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How to perform an Individual Posing routine

Your individual routine includes your walk to the center of the stage, a confident pivot, 6 steps forward, 3 confident poses, and how to exit. Watch Dustee perform her walk on the Arnold Stage for a great example on how to perform your individual routine.

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How to perform a squad posing routine

You have the opportunity to do a full squad posing walk after your individual routines. This video shows you an example of how this is done from the Baltimore Angel Fashion Show.


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